Thursday, September 30, 2010

Histrionic Personality Disorder

I came across something online a short while ago that answers a whole lot of "omg wtf?" style questions I have had about certain persons/people of late.

There is an explanation to completely bizarre behaviour!


Allow me to elaborate:-

"Histrionic personality disorder is marked by an insatiable attention-seeking, a great emotionality, a provocative and flirtatious behavior and a false sense of intimacy in relationships when in reality there is very little. Most histrionic personality types are women who have not gone beyond the infantile stage and thus enact the role of both child and woman. Often the histrionic personality has great social skills and a hyper alertness to others so that she can decide how to manipulate them in order that she can be the center of attention, outside of which she is very uncomfortable. By being seductive, often exhibiting overt sexual behavior or flirtatious skills, her goal of making the object of her focus dependent on her is secured through histrionic exaggeration."
- Info from

Let's take a more detailed look:-

- Uncomfortable not being the centre of attention... so, this could be the type of person, for example, who might well do her best to prevent any other girls who are particularly liked by guys from being around. Makes sense...

- Excessively flirtacious behaviour... I suppose that would be someone who doesn't even flirt selectively, but who flirts for attention constantly with anyone - guy or girl! Sexual behaviour... yep. Check.

- Child and woman - so someone who openly admits to behaving like a big kid at times and can switch from behaving like a child to behaving like a woman in literally seconds.

- Great social skills...definitely makes sense.

- Always hyper alert to others.... so I suppose that would fit the bill of, say, someone who openly talks about how alter she is of others would definitely not be able to argue fitting this bill.

Other signs of Histrionic Personality Disorder, according to my research, include:-

- Rapid shift in emotions/mood. So... I guess someone going from your friend to "omg, die" in the matter of seconds without you having said anything would fit that bill.

- Is likely to threaten, attempt or claim to have attempted or thought about suicide.

- Begins a lot of projects without finishing them... so deciding for example that "don't want to do this this week"

- Makes lots of rash decisions... Like closing venues when attention/audiences don't turn up.. switching commitments on or off at a moment's notice.. yada yada.

- Excessive sensitity to criticism or disapproval. Nuff said!

- Act very dramatically as though performing before an audience with exaggerated emotions and expressions, yet appears to lack sincerity at times. Hmm... certainly familiar.

- Constantly seeking reassurance.

Wow.... this explains a lot actually. If someone in particular is exhibiting all of the above, then methinks there's a good chance this is exactly what the issue is.

And you know what, people can't really help personality disorders. It's not something she's chosen, I am sure. Which makes me feel a little sorry for her and like I really shouldn't overthink said actions.

So... that solves that little mystery!!!


Dale Innis said...

I thought you weren't *posting* on that subject anymore? :) Move along, move along...

Josue Habana said...

LOL.... so you figured out who I was talking about then? Haha

I figured this had relevance... maybe not to SL (hence not on SL blog). But certainly as an examination on certain psychological disorders that may impact people we all knows.

Josue Habana said...
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Paula said...

I saw the post she wrote on her blog that provoked you into doing that. It's clear she provoked you but you must ignore her Josue. Your writing is much better when the drama is not in it.

Paula said...

I put a comment on her blog about this as well but she deleted it.

It's beginning to look like she wants people to see just one story. But ignore it Josue. Anyone can see if they read both blogs what's really going on here so don't feel like you have to respond.

Do yourself and your readers a favor like Dale said and move on from this subject. You have too much to give as a writer to get caught up like this.

I had so much respect for both of you as bloggers before this and I still have lots of respect for you in that sense. But Skylar's writing has no integrity for me anymore after seeing how she censors to prevent a full story from getting out.

My criticism of you is that you keep writing in response. Don't you realize your readers lost interest in this? I would love for both your blogs to go back to the days before all this.

Josue Habana said...

Ok, I'm going to consider this my firm telling off.

Sorry for keeping on resopnding. One day I won't care about proving I'm right lol.

I'm the same in all walks of life. When I know someone is categorically wrong I can't help but say something.

Anyway... zip. Done. You will see no more blogs like this from me :) ;-)

Sunflower said...

One of the things about the Internet is that anyone can write anything and whenever anything unjust is said, or one feels misrepresented, the urge is there to set the record straight... but if it keeps going back and forth it will never end.

It's hard to stay silent; the urge is always there to defend one's self. But sometimes there's nothing to be gained by it. Some people don't want to see and no amount of talking or argument will make them see. They've already made up their mind, and their mind is closed. (It's the same with anything else, really. Discussions about faith and religion, or opinions about capital punishment, pro-life vs pro-choice, spanking children, etc.) Arguing is a waste of breath.

Also, there's a fine line between defending one's self and deflecting attention to the other person's flaws or attacking back, whether subtly or openly. I know I always feel bitter and want to hit back, want to say, "You think you're so great? Look at what a mess you are, too!". It's really hard to remember that doing so won't put me in a good light. *sighs*

Don't let this situation make you bitter, Josue. You wrote earlier on Pixel Scoop that it doesn't affect anything that really matters... just keep that in mind :)

Josue Habana said...

You're right Sunflower :)

I've put it into perspective and just decided that said individual can do/say as they wish.

I'm playing ignorant :)