Sunday, October 3, 2010

We Miss You

Today, I have given my little boy the day off school and he and I are spending the day alone, visiting his Mother's memorial tree and quietly remembering, at his request. 

Today is not for sorries,
For painful worries,
For “what ifs,” “whys,”
And obvious cries of “unfair.”
Today’s for saying out loud
“I miss you, girl.”

Today is not just for sadness,
Though sadness is a
Certain side effect.
It’s for memories, for moments
And for him to say
“I miss you, Mum.”

Because even after
365 sleepless nights
The light at the end of the tunnel
Still seems so distant at times.
He’s relearning to smile,
Relearning to laugh,
Relearning to live 
And learning that living
Doesn’t mean giving up
His memories of you.

But today isn’t about
How tough it’s been
How rough it’s been
For that little boy.

It’s simply for saying
“We miss you.”

1 comment:

C xx said...

I hope you boys have some valuable together time to remember today.

I love you both so much