Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We all have them. Heroes. When I was a kid, mine was Superman. When I was teenager it became, and remains to this day, my Mother.
But she is, of course, one of many people I consider a “hero,” of mine. And in tribute to those we admire and respect enough to call “hero,” here’s my own rundown.

My Mother

A beautiful soul, a pure heart and a lifetime dedicated to myself and my sister. I miss her terribly but still carry so much of her with me. I need say no more J

Pablo Neruda

I discovered Pablo Neruda when I was a teenager and instantly fell in love with his work. As part of my University studies I went on to look more in depth at Latin American poetry and he became a hero to me at that point. Beautiful words! His poems are perhaps the only ones I have come across that can astound a reader just as much after translation. I personally prefer them in Spanish, of course, but even in English they’re still absolutely beautiful.
I’ve shared Neruda with people I have dated and even those for whom poetry isn’t a life’s love, Neruda speaks volumes. What an amazing, amazing poet, wordsmith and man.

Che Guevara

Again, somebody I began reading about as a teenager. No, I don’t think we should have global communism and I am absolutely against repression of the people in any way whatsoever. However, I do have some socialist leanings. My admiration for Che Guevara, however, comes less from his politics and more from the fact that he had an incredible commitment to his beliefs.
I know people will come back and counter this by talking about people he killed. However, I answer that noe way: Winston Churchill is a hero for so many, but he was Prime Minister during a war in which British troops were killing people frequently. War comes with death. It’s a really terrible, terrible thing, but I honestly do not believe you can judge a character by his actions in war. War is designed to bring ruthlessness out in everyone.
I will eternally admire anyone who was prepared to sacrifice everything for his beliefs. Even if you do not agree with all those beliefs, I think you simply have to admire commitment like that.

Nelson Mandela

This man stands for equality. I need say no more.

What about you? Who are your heroes?

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