Monday, October 4, 2010

Christmas Already?!

Planning for Christmas is something I have traditionally despised. I don't hate the day, but I think it's "pointless." Or I used to... before my son.

And ths year is extra special for me and for my family. Last year, my boy was upset over the very recent death of his Mother and it was all a little too soon after for him to truly enjoy it. But this year he is already excited! Very much so. And today I will actually be ordering the first of his toys. Officially the earliest I have started Christmas shopping in... wow... ever?

We've had to make our Christmas Day plans already to answer questions from Chloe's parents and my sister about where we will be. I spoke to my son yesterday and asked if he would rather have a Christmas for just me and him or whether he wanted to do something else (can never be 100% sure so I always like to check). He wants everyone together - me, Chloe, my sister and her guy and my nephew. So that is the plan. In the morning we're going to go to Chloe's parents for breakfast and then it will be the daytime at my sister's place for a rather festive one. My newphew is 18 months old now and incredibly funny... so this will be the first Christmas he has really had a clue what's going on too.

I'm feeling festive already and it's only October! What's going on?? lol

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