Saturday, October 30, 2010

You See Me

I ask you what you want from me
You tell me vulnerability,
That I will show you all of me
The bad and good,
You want to see
The inner, hidden parts of me.

You ask me what I want from you,
I say just do the things you do
And be the way you always are
And promise
That you won't go far.
I want you just the way you are.

I show you all you want to see,
The inner, silent parts of me
And you don't run away from me.
You hold my hand,
You let me speak.
You let me open up to you
The way I always wanted to.

You see parts of me
I've never shown to anyone.
You hear words I've
Always been afraid to say out loud.
You see tears I didn't know
Were still uncried
And you just wipe them
And listen
And love me.
Flaws and all.

1 comment:

C xx said...

Adam I will always love you exactly as you are. From now until the day I die. I owe you my life because it's you who taught me what it was to BE alive and I can't ever imagine a life without you. Hold my hand and I'll hold yours.

Always yours darling.