Monday, October 4, 2010


Today was... beautiful.

The sky was blue and although it was cold the memorial garden looks simply stunning with leaves litering the paths on a sunny day.

And my boy... he shed his tears, left his letter and managed a smile when thinking back to some of the funny moments we talked about, that he and his Mother had shared.

And I silently told her that I'm sorry for not making more time for our friendship and thanked her for the beautiful gift that is my son.

For too long I focussed on the fact that I missed 4 years of his life and I was so caught up in being mad at her for that, that I never really had a real opportunity to tell her how grateful I am for him.

It was "thank you," "goodbye," and "I'm sorry" in one silent tear.

And now the healing must continue.


Brinda said...

A conversation between Ram Dass (Richard Alpert in another life) and his Mother on her death bed.

"It's like watching a friend in a burning house. The house will be consumed, but you and I will go on forever."

There will be few greater gifts you will ever offer your son than those such as you did today.


Josue Habana said...

That's a beautiful quote, brinda.

Thank you so much :)