Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank You

An Open Thank You

I'm feeling all... thankful... and stuff today. And so this is my open thank you to all of the people who have helped deliver me to the happy place I am today.

To Anje

The mother of my son, a beautiful woman and incredible heart. How I miss your friendship in my life. While your absence has been unbearable, what you gave to me - a beautiful son - was the most wonderful gift I ever received. I'm truly sorry that I never told you I forgive you for not telling me about him at first. But I do. It doesn't matter. What matters is that I have him now and I thank you so, so much that you gave up so much to bring him to me. I can't possibly thank you enough in words and I cannot possibly convey using just 26 different letters, how painful it is for him and me to no longer have you.

To My Baby Sister

For putting up with my mood swings, my reluctance to deal with past issues and for giving me a good kick up the ass when needed. You were right about so much of what I disagreed with you for. Thank you for perseveering and giving me the wake up calls I have needed on so many occasions. Most notably recently:

"What on Earth are you doing? You have a choice between a gorgeous, intelligent woman who you are completely infatuated with or this stupid bloody fling you keep hanging on to. Wake up, come bnack to reality and follow your bloody heart instead of your sense of guilt. You're not going to be IMPOSSIBLE to get over, so get over yourself, forget the stupid fling and do what makes YOU happy."

Thank you for your patience and continued support. From the days of the "family unit," to the darker days where it felt like it was just you and me, through to today, when we have an albeit different "family" than the previous back, you've been my constant.

My Son

My son, who will not read this post for many years.... has been the light of my life, the reason I have gotten out of bed so many mornings and the reason I sought the happiness I am so grateful for now.

Until the day I die, you will be my life.

My Chloe

You taught me the meaning of "ecstatic," and have really brought into my life everything I never even knew I was missing so badly. This is forever.... start practicing the signature, sweetheart ;-)

Every single morning I look over at you and smile. I'm literally bursting at the seams with love for you. Never, ever, ever have I known love like this.

Craigy Boy

My best mate. I've cursed you for some of the things you have said in the past year but you have been spot on. Thank you for always providing a sensible and completely honest, blunt opinion on absolutely everything. You're alright, lad. But I run the risk of totally losing cool here if I say anything more than "thanks!" ;-)

Online Friends and Confidantes

You know who you are.... for the sound advice about helping my son through his grief from a wonderful, wise and understanding woman to the friends who just let me vent - those of you who understand the down days and are always able to get me laughing. You are all amazing.

The past 12 months brought out the worst of my character and it's been pretty tricky. So for my snapping my pushing back and general moodiness, I'm sorry.

But every bad thing comes to an end. And this is it :)

Here's to a bright future and happiness for us all.

/end over emotional rant and insert chest beating and manly roar.

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