Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Want...

I want to be taste lingering on your lips
The hands resting on your hips
The chest you rest your head on
And the arms into which you fall after a bad day.
Or a good day, for that matter.
At any time of the day
For no reason,
Or any reason,
Or just because you can
And I want you to.

I want to be thought that distracts you at work
The inspiration that makes you
Kick ass at work
And the reason your workmates tease you
About your icessant smile.
All day,
Every day.
Let me.

I want to be face you see
When you fast forward in your mind
To days of grey hair
And retirement homes on the coast.
I want to be the man in the image
Of the rest of your life
And I want to help you
To actualise that.

Because everything I do,
I do loving you.

For Chloe

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