Monday, October 11, 2010

Where Did the Weekend Go?

What a great weekend that was - a shame it went so quickly! I was productive and got time to relax too. I have taken to writing for a number of RL publications about SL poetry, something I am enjoying. I record video performances of the poets, which is making poetry in SL more accessibly and understandable to non Second Life users.

It's not like the more creative machinima that I do.... it really is just a still poet's performance because non SL users want to see what a performance in world actually looks like. And the poets I am recording are talented enough that the videos don't need dressing up, so it works well. The non Second Lifers get chance to see what a real poetry performance in SL looks/sounds likes and the poets are getting a chance to have their work on some great RL poetry sites.

So this is exciting for me. It's part of my new "MAKE TIME" strategy. In short, my new "make time" approach is pretty much exactly that. No matter how busy I am in a week, I am going to make time for the people and the things I am passionate about:-

- Blogging. I am going to make a couple of hours each weekt o update my own blogs and post on the other sites I am contributing to.

- Exercise. About a year ago I got back into going to the gym regularly... having stopped for a while. I make an hour 3 times a week to go and my son and I go running 3 times a week and cycling at the weekend too. So I'm definitely making time for that.

- Family time. No matter what, I have set aside a period each weekday night for dinner at the table and some family time after. Just me, my son and my girlfriend. Those moments are the most cherished to me.

- Making time to do NOTHING. A full day is great. From 6 in the morning till 6 in the evening,it's all go for me.

But if I go to bed straight after rushing around I can't sleep. And a while ago I got into a bad habit of working

late into the night. As I work for myself, there's always something I could be doing. And I got into a routine of getting back to doing some work when my boy was in bed. I would work till 11 or later some nights and then I couldn't switch off when I went to bed. Sometimes just doing nothing, even if it's only for a little bit of time before bed, really helps me switch off. So I am *trying* to get myself 15 minutes or so a night to do literally nothing before bed!

And I just realised this post was a random rambling about very little really.... oh well!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to Penny, Paula, Kelly and anyone else I've missed. And Happy Colombus Day to any US based readers :)

Have a great Monday!

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