Friday, October 15, 2010


I still imagine sometimes
That my Friday nights
Are to be spent with you.
Glued to a screen and,
At least so it seemed,
Conducting a relationship
Across wires and networks,
Across oceans and cities.

It's hard to break those habits.

But we both woke up
And took a look at the sky
And took stock of the time
We'd invested in this
Against the poor return.
I won't lie, it burned
To walk away from those days.

But we're both the happier for it.

And now to the future,
To happier times,
To love and affection
Without network lines.
You deserve happy,
And I do as well,
But our happy will cost us
A forever farewell.


Brinda said...

Moderation in all things?
I need not leave...just prioratize

Josue Habana said...

I never left SL. Thought about it though.... I got balance though.

This refers to the people really, that sometimes we have to say goodbye to in order for all parties to seek happiness.

Completely agree with the prioritising. When I sorted my priorities out it was an almost overnight shift in my life balance.