Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Does She Hear?

The poem below is inspired by something my son told me on the way to school this morning...

"I saw my Mum last night. She came to see me."

He said no more about it. He wasn't frightened or upset... just that one sentence and he moved on. I have my own beliefs (or lack thereof) about Heaven and Hell... and God in general I suppose. I'm a cynic to say the least about an "afterlife" concept, though a number of things in recent years have made me question that... this being another.

My son doesn't lie... not even silly childish lies and I could tell my his face that he definitely believes his Mother visited him last night.

Whatever happened.... I hope he's right.

Does she clap from the sky
When I get something right?
Curse from above
On the days I fuck up?

Does she watch us on days,
That he's breaking the rules
And applaud when he does something
Awesome at school?

Does she laugh as he's asking
About husband and wife?
The origin of babies
The meaning of life?

Does she cry as he tries
To find someone to blame,
Does she hear him on nights
He lays crying her name?

Despite my beliefs
I still hope that she hears
And silently, nightly,
Sits wiping his tears.


Brinda said...

While you may never know for sure this time around...isn't it a beautiful worth keeping

Josue Habana said...

Absolutely :)

Made my day!

C xx said...

It made me so happy to hear him talk about that last night. He's such a gift to me Adam. I cherish every minute I spend with you and him both.