Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dedicating More of Me

The sale of my business is finally complete. It leaves me and my family in a position where we can do two things we really want to do:

  • Move to a house Chloe's been eyeing up for some time. It's still on the market and it's now in budget.
  • Spend more time together as a family
No matter how much I tried to have the office run itself so some degree (I brought in some excellent management to whom I remain truly grateful for all the hard work) I still ended up in the office for 12 hour days at a time far too regularly.

I can't complain though. After a relatively short time, the business and its clients sold for a sum I could never have expected and I had a wonderful time setting it up.

After my business sale completed last week, I set the wheels in motion to acquire an established ecommerce business that is flatlining in its marketing efforts. This will be something more home based and something Chloe gets involved with too. The distribution centre for this business is run well and I intend to keep that management team in place. My bit will be in the marketing - the bit I love. It means I can spend more time at home and get into a position where my working days are a more normal length and I can see more of my three children.

I owe them myself. 

I never wanted to be the type of Father who is getting home long after his girls are in bed. There were periods in the last few months where I could go two weeks at a time without being able to get home in time to check through my son's homework. Granted, my wife does a wonderful job of taking care of all that. But I miss it too much. And no job or business in the world is worth giving up quality time with my children for.

Here's to the next chapter. It starts with a promise.