Friday, September 3, 2010

A Poem for my Son

Dance as though the song that plays,
Is playing just for you.
Smile like she who stole your heart
Has said she loves you too.

Laugh as if there's laughing gas,
Polluting all the air,
Say something that's so crazy
That your friends just stop and stare.

Make a plan, on every day,
To go learn something new,
For while the world is truly full,
The wise folk are too few.

Help old ladies cross the road,
They'll kiss you on the cheek,
And yes, I know it's sloppy son,
But you just made their week.

Don't ignore your head, but note
The mind is just the start.
A truly happy life, my son,
Is one led by the heart.


C xx said...

Those last two lines brought a tear to my eye. You wonderful poet, Father, man and lover.

Paula said...

A tear for you and one for your son but they are happy tears,