Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Thinks For Which I'm Thankful

My Son
I love his smile and the way his nose crinkles up when he's thinking. I love his laugh - both types. The one he does when he's genuinely uncontrollably amused and the one he does when he doesn't get why something is funny but gets that other people think it's funny so he should laugh along too. I love how he wants to change the world and is still innocent enough to believe that he can and he will without opposition. I love the way he looks at everything as though it's the first time he has seen it, the way he holds the dogs as though they're his babies and refers to himself as their "Daddy." I love the fact that he's so completely intelligent and doesn't realise how much so. I love that he believes that the only barrier to achieving something you want is working hard enough to get it. His work ethic at such a young age (6) is astounding to me. I love that in some ways he's so mature for his tender years and yet in others he's still my baby. I love that he becomes vulnerable when his pyjamas are on and that he's not yet too cool to insist on half hour's cuddle time before bed and a bedtime story. I love the fact that he reaches instantly for me when something hurts - either emotionally or physically and I absolutely adore the way that he's not afraid to ask questions.

My son is my life.

My Sister
I love how beautifully creative she is, how she almost sings every sentence she says and has an amazing voice, but is humble enough not to completely appreciate her talent at times. I love how dedicated a Mother she is, how she would lay her life down for her little boy in a heartbeat. I love that she can wear her heart on her sleeve, that she feels something and just says it. She's been through enough that anyone would understand if she was unable to express her pain. but she isn't. She doesn't push people away and she's got so much emotional honesty, it's incredible. I loev the fact that material things don't matter to her, that she would honestly give up everything and live in a tent so long as she has the people she loves in her life. I adore that she's so committed to the belief that love is the most important thing in the world, that she prioritises this above all else. I love that she has an almost fairytale outlook on life, without treading over the line of naivety. I love that she's courageous enough to put everything on the line for that one thing - for love.

My Nephew
I love his curly black hair and his massive eyes. I love the fact that he thinks he can walk a whole lot better than he can (resulting in many frequent falls) and the fact that he can hold an entire conversation in gargles and one mono-syllabic noises. I love the dimples he gets in his ckeeks when he smiles and how his laughter becomes squealing when something is really, really funny! I love the fact that when I look into his eyes I see my Mother's eyes and that his eyebrows move in much the same way hers did when he's confused by something. I love the way he simply adores my sister, the way you can just tell instantly how she is his world by the way he gazes at her. I love how, in the short 17 months since he came along, he's completely changed my sister's life. This little man will be a heartbreaker when he grows up, you can eb sure of that.

My Girlfriend
I am in love, like truly in love for the first time in my life. I love the way her hair smells and the way her skin tastes on my lips. I love those massive beautiful eyes and the way she cries at happy moments in predictable "chick flicks." I love the way she cries when animals are rehomed on documentaries about UK animal rescue services. I love the way she can put anything on paper, such a talented artist. She can draw her imagination in vivid detail and I simply love that. I love how her breathing mimics mine as she's sleeping on my chest and how her fingers twitch sometimes when she's just about falling asleep. I love how she can't even really speak when she first wakes up for a few minutes but has the cutest tired look in the world!! I love how she tries to be serious sometimes but can't help but giggle at serious things. I simply adore how, at the flick of a switch, she can go from my cute little Chloe to an uber smart turned on business chick! I love her logical thought processes and the way she isn't afraid to combine those with emotional vulnerability. I love how honest and open she is, how she doesn't speak in riddles and how she doesn't expect me to be anything other than what I am. I love how she loves my son - even coming to visit sometimes just to see him!! I love how they just get on so well. I love that she tucks my (spoiled) dogs into bed and I love she loves cuddles. I love that I get butterflies (major man point loss, I know) every time I lay my eyes on her and that I cannot think of a single thing about her I would change.

I love that I ache during the day to be with her and how that ache feels instantly relieved the second I lay my hands on her.

I love that she wants this forever... that she's not afraid to tell me that... and that I want it too.

My Friends
It would result in major piss taking from my friends for me to go through each one of them and declare all the awesome things about them - particularly if the word "love," was used. So suffice to say for this section that my friends are awesoem - every single one of them. And my life is all the richer for having them in it.

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