Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Forever

"Dad," a little voice shouted at around 5am. "Dad!"

I jolted upright and realised he was calling me from his bedroom. I got out of bed and went through to his room assuming he'd had a nightmare. I was right.

"Hey little man," I said, scooping him up out of bed. "What's the matter?"

"I had a bad dream."

He wasn't crying though but I know it was about his Mother.

"It's nearly a year isn't it?" he asked, his chin buried in my neck.

"Yeh... almost."

"It's on my calendar," he informed me.

I carried him through to my room and gave Chloe (who stayed the night last night) an almost apologetic look. I keep forgetting that she's actually ok about everything and she's a rare breed of lady who actually accepts what I come with!

"What happened?" she asked my son.

"Bad dream," he told her crawling into bed.

"Going to stay in here with us till we get up?" she asked.


He snuggled right in beside her and was soon followed by my two crazy dogs.

I didn't get back to sleep - not that it was major loss as I get up at 6 anyway. Instead I just watched as my little boy cuddled up so lovingly to my girlfriend. Chloe, my son and my 2 crazy dogs. It just... fits. It feels like home. For the first time ever this morning I literally looked at my situation and hoped it was permanent. I see it as my forever :) And I wouldn't have it any other way.


C xx said...

I love your son and I love and if all that is my forever then I'm a happy girl


Craig said...

you two are sch a mint couple. Its wicked to see you so happy Ad lad. Marriage on the cards?

Josue Habana said...

Well probably not this week Craigy sunshine, it's a bit quick! lol. (That ain't a dig by the way lol)! But who knows what the future holds. I'm just happy to be happy :)

And Chlo, I love you, sweetie.xx