Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Isn't it weird how routines just develop?

I've generally been the type of person who likes to have my own bed. I like my space. With the exception of my son and my two crazy dogs who have the occasional habit of migrating in the middle of the night from his bed to mine, I've been fairly protective of my space.

But recently my girlfriend has been staying almost every night and she will be moving in with me in a few weeks. Last night she went back to hers as she was on a ludicrously early start this morning and had to get some work done last night.

ANd I couldn't sleep right. Woke up a few times in the night expecting her there...I don't wake uip in the night much these days. I sleep really well, but last night I just couldn't get into a deep sleep. Very, very annoying.

However, there was no chance of me sleeping in past my alarm this morning, as five minutes before it went off, I was woken up by my son crawling into bed beside me.

"Are you awake, Dad?"

"Not yet," I responded.

"Ok. Well it's nearly morning but I'm just coming in for a snooze."

He snuggled in and was soon followed by Ralph and Charlie... my crazy, crazy dogs, one of whom insists on sleeping under the blankets.

Wherever my son goes, the dogs go!

Ah well... not long now until I won't have to have another night without my Chloe.

My home is hers :)

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