Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meeting the Parents

My parents are no longer with us, unfortunately. So when I talk of meeting the parents, I'm talking of meeting the parents of the girl I am with.

Chloe and I are moving in together in 6 weeks so she is keen for me to have a proper meeting with the parents. Now, this is a situation I avoid like the plague generally... particularly since the last time such a meeting took place my former girlfriend's Mother got really drunk and asked me to "do it to her like a young man does." That was umm... awkward.

"Wow... I am.. I'm seeing your daughter. And you're married!"

"Nobody will ever know."

"Ok... I need to go now. Bye."

But that was an exceptional circumstance. And thankfully CHloe's from a much more "balanced" background lol.

Still, up until now, I've always been reluctant to meet the family. Meeting the family is the step before joint Christmas cards, right? It's the step before meeting the entire family and the step before you attend family weddings and everyone nudges you and says, "You two next, eh?"

And you know what? I still think it is the step before all that... and I love it. I'm not remotely concerned.

I will be going for dinner with Chloe's parents this weekend. I have met them briefly when she and I were friends at university, but itwas literally a quick, "Hi!" I've never had a real conversation with them.

They were a little unsure about Chloe being with someone who has a child. They had assumed, given the fact that her previous relationships have all been with women, she was with a woman with a child. Then she explained it was a guy and they had mixed reactions, I am told. In part happy that she had gone for something "conventional," (they're faily old fashioned and weren't always happy about her lifestyle choices) but full of questions. She has explained the basics, but I'm told her Mother is curious as to how I only came to see my son after he was 4... and how he came to live with me etc. So I am sure it will be a dinner full of questions, some more difficult than others.

But it's to be expected. If it were my little girl, I would want to know too, right? So I'm not concerned. I am, instead, content that how I feel about her will shine through quite clearly and that it will all be great.

I'm gonna look after their daughter :) And, more to the point, it's the first relationship I have been in where I haven't been freaked out by the thought of meeting the parents lol.

There are things they want for her:
- They want her to eventually get married.
- They want her to eventually have children of her own.
- They want her to be happy.

And I, too, want those things for her... and more to the point can give them to her :) So we really have a lot in common, her parents and I.

I'm excited and optimistic. Saturday will be fine... so will Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and every single day after it. As long as I've got her :)

Love you sweetie xx

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