Friday, September 10, 2010

Everything is falling into place

I feel as warm inside today as I've ever felt (despite the end of summer, which usually leaves me glum).

There are a few reasons.

1, Before winter you get Autumn. While I love summer and I'm absolutely a sunshine type of guy (I'm so living in the wrong country) after summer I love Autumn. Just for the colours, to be honest. I hate the long dark nights and I despise the cold. But I love the golds, oranges and reds that litter the paths and streets on the road to winter. I love kicking leaves with my little boy as we walk from the car up the long path to his school. I'm feeling good about the autumn coming in.

2. Most of the people close to me are happy. My little boy is coping so much better these days and is truly enjoying his new school year so far. My sister is getting her guy back, my best friend is getting married, my other friend has just mended bridges after telling his family he's gay and is in a relatiopnship with a great guy. People around me are as happy as I am and it's making for a great "vibe." It's been a tough year for some of the people I am close to and to see them smile again is just an incredible feeling.Even people I silently care for, I can see they're finding their happiness too and it leaves me glowing. My ex girlfriend, Michelle, who had a few mental health issues is now working, happy and engaged, as one example of many. When the people around you are having a good time of it, it just oozes positive energy. I love that feeling.

3. I'm comletely smitten. Chloe, Chloe, CHloe... a name that passes my mind and my lips more times in a day than I can count. She's not officially moving in with me for 2 months yet, but she practically has already. We're spending almost every night together at the moment, much to my son's delight. I just feel like this fits so well. She's amazing. We're balanced about it too. She'll stay ost nights, sure. But if I need a night for just me and my boy she's fine with it. She encourages me to go out just with the guys and I encourage her to do the same with her friends. We've got a great thing going on here - and I'm not going to let it slip through my fingers - ever.

So this Friday morning is a good one. My little boy is spending the weekend with my sister and nephew as they have all sorts of fun things planned. So tonight I will have a movie and pizza night with my girl and tomorrow she is heading out with friends, leaving me to (be a boring bastard) do a load of work I need to catch up with.

Life is good :) Have a wonderful weekend, folks.

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