Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cheesy Grin

I'm wearing on.e.. a cheesy grin that is. Largely because I slept so well last night and also because I found out that Chloe's parents are really, genuinely happy that she and I are together. I was concerned because of the situation with me having a young son, (in light of some of the questions they were asking) that they might not be all that keen. I got on well with them - but I do understand that for some parents that's a huge concern.

But Chloe was texting her Mum last night and showing me some of the messages. They were all really positive, to the effect that they think I'm a great Father, would realy love to meet my boy and think I'm a bright guy who is good for her. I'm really pleased with that :)

It's the first time I've genuinely looked at a relationship I'm in and thought, "This is everything I want." I think abuot all kinds of things that, 12 months ago, I never dreamed would even cross my mind... like holidays in the sun together next year... a lifelong commitment... more children :)

I love my son. And Chloe adores him too. She'll never treat him like anything other than her own... I know that. But she does want more and I do too. My son has been asking for a few months now why he doesn't have any brothers and sisters. I think he'd be an awesome older brother. Not yet... but perhaps before too long.

Life is grand :)

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