Friday, September 17, 2010

Fyfe Dangerfield is Frikkin Awesome

I went to see Fyfe Dangerfield last night at a very intimate gig in a really small venue (formerly a record shop) in Manchester - Sound Control.

For anyone who doesn't know who he is, he's the front man of indie band, The Guillemots and is doing a lot of solo stuff at the moment. His album is just phenomenal and his voice is incredible. His lyrics are amazing - poetry!

So needless to say, Chloe, myself and my best friend and his girlfriend had an awesome time. He's one of very, very few artists who actually sound more pitch perfect and even better vocally live than on their recorded tracks.

His upbeat stuff was just as mind blowing as his slow stuff and, added bonus, I played some older and some forthcoming Guillemots stuff.

So... as I went out last night and my son stayed with my sister... I promised him an incredibly fun night tonight. In fact, I said, "Alright, you get to decide what we do, who (if anyone) we invite. Your call."

"Ok," he responded after some consideration, "I want to go to the cinema and see a film late at night after my weekday bedtime and I want to get popcorn and I want Chloe to come."

"Chloe's got plans," I told him.

"Ok... well... just me and you then."

I talked to Chloe about this last night and she thought it was adorable. So much so that she called my sister this morning before he went to school to speak to my soon.

"Hi," she said, "I heard you wanted me to come to the cinema with you. I'm sorry I can't make it."

"It's ok..." he told her, "But can we go out on Saturday?"

"Well... actually... I did have something planned but I think I would much, much rather hang out with you at the cinema if you still want me to?"

Cheering ensued, I'm told.

So that's Friday for me - a thoroughly family affair :) I'd have it no other way.

Anyhow, let me leave you with an incredible Guillemots track and an awesome Fyfe Dangerfield one too.

Have an amazing weekend, folks :)

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