Friday, September 24, 2010


If tomorrow never arrived,
Would I be happy with the yesterdays?

Would I be happy with the words I'd said,
The things I did,
The folks I met?

Would I be happy with
How I closed every conversation?

If I didn't get chance to apologise
For every badly spoken word
Every short, half hearted response,
Every, "Sorry, I'm too busy,"
Would I really be ok with no tomorrow?

I don't think so.

See, we take too much for granted,
We take time and we use it like,
"Hell, what the Heck, I've got loads of this stuff."
When in reality, we don't know how much we have.

Maybe you wil get chance to apologise
To your sister for brushing her off
When you were out with Your friends.
Maybe you'll get chance to make it up
To the buddy you lost your temper with.
Maybe you'll get to tell your Mother
That you love her, tell you Father
That you're grateful,
Tell your daughter that you're proud,
Tell you're son that you admire him,
Tell the old friend you fell out with
Back in the first year of University,
That the chick you were arguing over
Wasn't worth losing a friendship over.

But why wait until tomorrow
When it might not even come?

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