Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love is....

At the risk of pulling off the most cliched post in the history of blog posts, I'm going to attempt to explain what I've learnt about love recently.

It's only recently that I've really gotten by head around some of this schtuff thanks to a relationship that has opened my eyes like you woudln't believe. Thank you, Chloe.

Love is...

...knowing clearly enough how you feel about one another that it doesn't need workds... but even so, you can't help but say it.

...Not having to make excuses!

...Being able to be yourself on both good days and bad days.

...wanting to share EVERYTHING with that person.

...finding excuses to involve that special someone in absolutely everything you do.

...Just being.

It's all just fitting. Immaculately actually. I've never been so in awe of someone and wanted to badly tospend every single second with someone. I'm usually the guy trying to avoid spending time with someone - making myself busy so that it doesn't get too intense. But I can't get enough of her.

And, Chloe, to quote one of my favourite songs of the moment by Train,

"Forever could never be long enough for me to feel like I've had long enough with you."

Love you babe. Now and always xx

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