Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For Those Who Went Before

For friends, lovers and even enemies... the people who, for whatever reason, have left our lives.

One day I hope that I will find
that long awaited piece of mind,
An answer to that old dilemma...
Why were we never meant forever?

One day I hope to stumble on,
A sign, a symbol or new dawn,
That says it all, so plain and clear
The answers that I need to hear.

One day I pray we'll say our piece
In calm and that the war will cease.
We'll talk, as friends, about the past
And close that painful book, at last.

1 comment:

C xx said...

I've been watching your blog all day from work babe and I'm really happy to see more poetry. You've been writing so much of it the past week or maybe two I want to see more up here.

This is a fitting tribute that applies to so many people about so many others.

Your brain is wonderful to me. I love you Adam