Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All Muslims are WHAT, now?!?!

I just overheard a conversation that really, really angered me. Now, I shuld start by giving you a bit of background about me. I have no Faith (openly Atheist). My Father was a white English man, my Mother was Argentine and fairly dark skinned. I’m somewhere in the middle. So it’s very rare that I encounter, personally, any form of racism and aside from preachers screaming at me in the street, I don’t often get harassed about Faith either.

That doesn’t mean that I cannot detest racial and faith based discrimination.

I live in an apartment building in the centre of Manchester. There’s a 24 hour concierge. Beside concierge is where I collect my mail. I went to collect it today on my way back up to my apartment and overheard a conversation between the fellow on concierge and someone I assume was his friend.

“She’s seeing a Muslim fella,” one of them commented.

“What? Why?” the other asked.

“Don’t know...”

“Muslims are all crazy f***in’ suicide bombers!”

I was absolutely furious. I couldn’t help but say something...and might have sworn. Perhaps. Of course, they denied any wrongdoing...told me they didn’t mean it. I reiterated that I thought it was disgusting and told the guy on concierge that, had my son heard that comment, I would be reporting ass to his manager.

Racism and discrimination based on Faith irritate me like you wouldn’t believe. It’s narrow minded, intolerant and the most low-life form of bullying you could ever encounter. It’s absolutely disgusting and hideous to pass a judgement on anyone based on their faith or the colour of their skin.

Who on Earth thinks they have any right at all to judge anyone based on this stuff? I tell you – stupid, misguided, ignorant fools who have a chronic superiority complex and a severely hindered intellect.

Judgements should be passed on individual behaviour. Not sweeping race of faith based generalisations. People like that disgust me.  Even my six year old son knows better.

In case it wasn’t clear – I am feeling irritated lol.

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