Monday, September 6, 2010

Playnig with Fire - Brandon Flowers

I've been waiting for weeks for the new Brandon Flowers solo album to come out. I love the killers and his voice is really distinctive. So as soon as I got up this morning I downloaded it from Amazon. I'm not disappointed. What a fantastic album!

I dno't know what the price is like in the USA, but for those of you in the UK, it's available from Amazon for £3.99 this week - compred to about £8 everywhere else.

Gotta love a good deal!

"Playing with Fire" is a personal favourite of mine. And so, as I'm loving this so much today, have the lyrics

Playing with Fire - Brandon Flowers

Daddy, I'm not gonna tell you that I'm sorry
there ain't nothing you can do to change my mind
I'm not here to know the things I can not do
we've seen the outcome of the boys ?? didn't fly
now road outside that you've been taking home forever
that would be the same road that I'd take when I depart
now those ?? that hold this land together
may twist and turn but somewhere deep there is a heart

Playing with fire
you know you gonna hurt somebody tonight
and you're out on the wire
you know you're playing with fire

Perhaps this calling is the channel of invention
I will not bless your fathers, see it as a crime
however dangerous the road however distant
this things won't compromise the will of the design
tenthousend demons hammer down at every footstep
tenthousend angels rush the wind against my back
this church of mine may not be recognized by steeple
but that doesn't mean that I will walk without a guard

Rolling river of truth only spare me a sip
the holy fountain of you has been reduced to a trip
I've got this burning believe in salvation and love
this motion may be naive but when push comes to??
I will till this ground

You know you gonna hurt somebody tonight
out on the wire

I might not get there but this little town this little house
they seem to be leaning in the wrong direction
I'm not afraid you know

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