Friday, September 3, 2010

Manchester to Toronto - 3400 miles and a whole lot of heartbreak....

I read this story today that really moved me.

Basically, a young girl was kidnapped by her Mother from Manchester and her Father has since been trying to find her. The little girl has been living in Toronto.

So her Father now knows where she is and that she is alive... but they'e moved from the home the police had her located at. So he's so so close to getting his baby back, but so far at the same time.

My son's Grantmother (his Mother's Mum) is Russian and living in Russia. Following the death of her daughter last year, she asked if she could have my boy go visit there. I agreed, of course, but insisted that I would accompany him on his visits - given the fact she had previously threatened to attempt to remove him from my custody. She has recently become more irate at my refusal to send him off to Russia wth her alone for 2 weeks!!

Yesterday, a letter dropped through my mailbox from a lawyer in St Petersburg, Russia, indicating that she, his Grandmother, intends to fight me for legal custody of my son.

Of course, I have taken legal advice and am confident she has no case whatsoever. But as long as the threat is there, there is potentially some stress ahead.

The story I linked to above really strikes a chord with me. I would be so heartbroken if that was my baby.

But.... onward and upwards. Let's keep positive :)

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