Friday, May 28, 2010

"Dad, I Want a Blog"

That is how my day started. I woke my son up at 7.30 this morning and instead of "Morning, Dad," I got, "Dad I want a blog."

He sees me blogging a lot and has asked me what blogging is all about. Though I don't let him read mine. I won't even share the URLs. He's too young yet and my language can be pretty appalling at times. But he does know that I blog and I show him some child friendly blogs at times.

But is blogging for children? Well... why not? I think I'm gonna let him do it. There will be gruond rules, however:-

- Blog will be set up on my email address so any blog contact or comments will be seen by me before getting through to my son or going live on the site.

- He will not be permitted to post his real life location except to say more than his city and won't be allowed to post his real name. Certainly, there'll be no talk of which school he goes to etc.

Other than that I am quite happy for him to have a free reign over it. Call me a little paranoid perhaps - but I would rather play it safe when it comes to my boy online!

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