Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Man Flu vs Heartbreak

I've come down with a nasty cold this morning. Annoying. I haven't had a cold since Christmas and I was rather hoping to make it to summer without one, particularly given how well I'm eating and how frequently I am exercising.

Not so much luck, I'm afraid. My boy has had a cold for a couple of days and he has generously shared it.

Of course I go into whining mode when I get sick. My cold is the flu, my sore throat is a sinu explosion and my sniffles are the apocolypse. I admit it.

But I can't feel too sorry for myself as my sister phoned me this morning. Her ex partner, one who she was indeed very much in love with and only just split from, called her to say he is leaving the UK and returning to his native Brazil in 2 weeks. She had been thinking more recently of a reunion between the two of them, having realised in the weeks since they have been apart that she misses him terribly. I thought, at one point, she was seeing someone else as she spent a weekend away with someone. No. She was spending that time with him and they were talking about maybe getting back together.

But now he is going back to Brazil and unless she wants to go with him, which she does not, she will not be reuniting with him.

She's gutted.

My internal apocolypse of a cold is nothing, is it?

I can treat my symptoms. She can't treat hers. Where do you rub the cream to heal the heart? What sort of pills do you swallow to mend that?

Man flu, I can cope with.

A broken hearted baby sister... well that's a whole other challenge.


The Guerilla Poetess said...
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Dannah Bridger said...

*hands you a cup of hot, homemade, chicken soup and two aspirins*
There, that was easy enough.

Heartaches--ack! If only it were simple...
All you can do is love and listen.
Thoughts and prayers to you all.