Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Everyone Wants In...

Have you ever noticed that whenever something good happens for you or to you or even about you, everyone wants to take credit. But of course, the same people want nothing to do with it when it's bad.

An example. My friend's daughter is 14. He was only 16 when he got his girlfriend of the time pregnant and had nothing to do with her when she was a tot. Instead he finished school, went to uni and now, years later, wants to play the doting Dad.

His Daughter recently won an accolade in German. Suddenly, "I speak German to her sometimes, you know. I help her out."

However, rewind 6 months when she was in trouble at school and it was, "Bloody hell. It's her Mother that. Nothing to do with me, I've hardly seen the kid."

Exes do it too. They attribute positive changes in your attitude to something about them. But any anxiety they caused that maybe made you angry or aloof for some time, well of course that was 'your issue.' But, by the laws of formers, anything good was absolutely their doing.

People and woodwork. They're superb at crawling out of it for credit when there's something up for grabs!!

Me? I take no credit for any changes that happen to my exes (unless I personally deliver a winning lottery ticket or something) and by the same token expect no blame laid on me for any negative changes post r/ship!

Et voila. Simple.

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