Friday, May 14, 2010

A Weekend on a Mission

It's almost the weekend! Almost! And I, for one, have decided I am doing no work this weekend. Instead, I will channel my productivity into achieving things I WANT to achieve.

I'd made arrangements already for my sister to look after my son on Saturday so I could get some time online to get into Second Life - something I have not been able to spend any more than an hour here or there in for ages and something I love to do when I can.

However, a minor change of plan. The weather will be reasonable and I'm feeling enlightended today. So I've decided I am going to achieve several things I've been dying to do for ages.

On Saturday, while my lad is having fun at his Auntie's, I am going to grab someone special and go to Alton Towers theme park. Amazing, amazing place and I am a roller coaster fiend. I will be taking my son too next week but this week is adult week. He's too small for most of the 'big' rides so when I want to do white knuckle, I need to go with the grown ups hehe.

I've been wanting a good roller coaster session for ages. That will be the first thing I tick off on my weekend plan.

I also desperately want to see the new Robin Hood. I'm thinking a detour via the cinema on the way home from a theme park will tick that off.

Then Sunday.... Sunday is about my lad's achievements. There is a junior poetry event on in the North West and he wants to read aloud. I've been unsure of whether or not it's right to let him do this yet but there is an under 10s category and he wants to. So he'll be making his 'debut' this weekend.

Three things to achieve and not one of them work related.

How refreshing!!!

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Dannah Bridger said...

He wants to read poetry aloud at 6? Oh yes, encourage that!

Sounds like a fun weekend! Enjoy!