Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Lad's A Poet!

Ok, so something of a bragging, "I'm the luckiest Dad on the planet," post. But anyway...

I just got back from taking my son to a junior performance poetry event, at his request. He was a little unsure once we got there and I told him it was fine for him to just watch and he certainly didn't have to perform if he didn't want to. However, 2 junior poets in and he got the itch, so I signed him up.

He got up and performed two of his poems to a rather rapturous applause. At six, he was the youngest performer by three years. He's been bitten by the bug now though. As anyone who has taken part in performance poetry will know, you do it once and you want to keep going back for more! So that's him with the bug.

"When's the next one, Dad?"

Unfortunately, there are not as many junior events as adult ones and there's only one every 3 months I know of.... That gives him plenty of rehearsal time, though!!


The Guerilla Poetess said...
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Dannah Bridger said...


Way to go, Dad and Lad!