Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Different Perspective

Last night, my son was struggling to sleep with the heat. Chloe and I were sitting up with the balcony doors open just watching TV when he scuttled in close to midnight to complain that he was too hot.

"Ok," Chloe remarked, "Then there's only one thing for it. You need to stand out on the balcony and cool down!" So she fetched him a cold water and sat with him on the terrace for half hour.

We live in the centre of Manchester so there's always that incredible city buzz and something happening. We moved here just a couple of months ago from a suburban home and my son simply loves it. After a little bit of people watching I said,

"Let's go out."

"What?" he asked? "Where?"

"Let's go look at the buildings at night time."

He took no persuasion and went and got dressed immediately. I took him to the Central Library and the Town Hall building to see these things at night. Why? Well, he loves the buildings almost as much as I do but he never sees them at night, when they're closed and the bustle of activity around them is gone. So we went out to take some pictures and let him enjoy our favourite city landmarks at midnight. It offered him a whole different perspective.

More importantly, he slept pretty damn well afterwards!!!

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