Sunday, May 2, 2010

I love you....

Words once precious,
Their meaning now gone.
I loved you. I love you.
And I’ve loved only one.

Ok, so here's another rant (my second of the day). Perhaps hangovers put me in funny moods... But anyway.

I hate how people throw 'I love you,' around.

-Te amo
- Je t'aime
- Ich liebe dich
- I love you.

The fact that people throw that stuff around so completely freely has meant that those three words have lost so much of their meaning and that is what drives people to using cheesier and ever more cliched ways of expressing their love. It's what drives people to need 'proof' that someone is in love with them or to question whether someone really is... because saying it just isn't enough anymore.

When I say 'I love you,' it's said with thought behind it. It isn't something I just say for the hell of it, or because I quite fancy getting a response. I say it because I mean it. But because so many people 'fall in love,' so freakin' easily now, those words (no matter who says them) are often viewed simply as 'lip service.'

The way that people throw those words around has made me cynical too. I get sick of friends who bounce from relationship to relationship declaring each time that they are in love. How can you possibly come out of a relationship that lasted a year or more and then within a matter of weeks be 'in love' with someone else? How can you then change your mind and be in love with someone else the next week? It's.... crazy.

Anyway, bacon sandwich anyone?


The Guerilla Poetess said...
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Dannah Bridger said...

Does anyone else find it odd that the English language has so few words for such a complex emotion as 'love'? Shouldn't there be a different word for 'love of Mom and Dad' versus, "You're my everything"?

Josue is right though, the word (in reference to a romantic relationship) is used much too often, and usually for the wrong reason.

Interesting post, Josue. Glad to see the hangover hasn't affected your ability to think. :)