Monday, May 10, 2010

Brothers and Sisters

"Why don't I have any brothers or sisters?"

That was the question I was asked over a very sleepy breakfast this morning. Talk about snapping me out of my cereal based daydreaming and into another week!

"Because I don't have any other children. And you Mum didn't have any other children," seemed like the diplomatic answer.

"Well I know that! But why?"

I could see this wasn't going to be such an easy conversation to end.

"Well, some people only ever have one child, some people never have any and some people have lots. I just happen to just have you right now."

"Ok. But, why don't you have more?"

"Well because.... you know.... Andrik, what's brought this on?"

"I want a sister. Or a brother. You've got a sister. My friends have sisters and brothers."

"Ralph and Charlie (our dogs) are like your brothers."

"Yes. But they can't come to my school because they don't know how to behave."


[Insert some crunchy nut cereal munching for a few seconds].

"So can I have one?"

"A what?"

"A brother or a sister?"

"Maybe one day but you can't just have babies just like that. Before you think about having babies a man and a woman would usually live together and decide to have one together."

"You and my Mum didn't."

"Well, sometimes there's difference circumstances. But usually that would be the way it goes."

"But it doesn't have to. You and my Mum didn't live together but they still let you two get me."

"Don't you think we're having fun?"

"Yep! Loads of fun!"

"And think about it. If we had a baby, we wouldn't be able to do lots of the stuff we do. Because babies can't play football can they? And they can't go running and cycling? And they don't know how to write?"

[Insert a pensive silence].

"Ok. Well maybe not yet. But one day I want one."

"Me too."


"Yes, son."

"Why didn't you and Mum live together?"

"You need to get ready for school, lad! We'll talk about that another time!"

I've a feeling it might be one of those weeks! ;-)


The Guerilla Poetess said...
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Dannah B said...

The step in this line of questioning is to repeat the questions in front of someone, with greater demand for detail.

I highly recommend keeping a chocolate bar handy for distraction.

Good luck! *laughs*