Monday, May 24, 2010

Simon Monjack Found Dead

The husband of the late Brittany Murphy (incredibly talented actress who died at a very young age just 5 months ago) has been found dead.

It's tragic. Reports suggest it was a heart attack but would it be fair to suggest that it was "broken heart?"

And here's the question for me. The proverbial 'broken heart,' is something we talk about a lot. But is it more than just a turn of phrase? Is it actually a very real syndrome?

Ok, ok, so I can hear the scientists tutting and reaffirming that a break up can cause psychological stress, which in turn can make you physically ill but I am sure many scientists would argue that broken heartedness is not a physical syndrome.

Me? I disagree. I think it's a very real and definitely physical thing. If you have such a bond and such a connection with someone and you really have dedicated your whole life to being with them - and suddenly they're gone - how could that possibly not cause a physical syndrome of some sort?

My Father died when I was 5. Nineteen years on, my Mother died of cancer. She swore it was her broken heart, though:

"You and your sister are old enough to take care of yourself now. Maybe the old broken heart is finally giving up."

I should research the stats really - life expectancy after a spouse dies.

It reaffirms for me the fact that some people are just meant to be together and that upsetting it for whatever reason really can literally break hearts...

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