Monday, May 10, 2010

Reality TV and Opportunity

You can say what you want about reality TV, but it provides opportunity to some people who would really otherwise have had no chance.

Take Britain's Got Talent, for example. This show is on at the moment in the UK and is a particular favourite (second only to the X Factor) of myself and my boy. I want to share a video with you...

This is an 80 year old woman from Glasgow. When and where else would she ever have had this opportunity??

However, video embedding on this one has been disabled on all instances of it on Youtube, so I will have to give you the URL instead!



The Guerilla Poetess said...
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Dannah B said...

The Guerilla Poetess hit it!

I was crying and laughing--Janey is pure joy! Thank you, thank you for sharing her!

While watching I thought much the same as GP--North America is much more concerned with how a person looks, dances, or photographs than whether or not they have any real 'soul' in their performances.'s good to see talent again!!