Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Knowing...

Isn't 'just knowing,' wonderful? Just knowing that the person you are seeing is the RIGHT person and just knowing it's going the right way.

Cutie... or to give her her real name (with her express permission, no less), Chloe, is just incredible. Absolutely. She's amazing, my son loves her, she gets on with my friends and she loves football. The world is good.

I'm giving up the single life, the single status, the 'independence.' But, I don't see it as 'giving up' anything to be honest, rather 'trading up.' I'm trading up being single for being committed to one of the most fun people I've met.

I love that feeling. The sunset was particularly beautiful this evening and the future's looking bright ;-)

1 comment:

Dannah said...

Oh Josue!! Congrats to you and Chloe!

That is great news and I bet your son is thrilled!

Wishing you all many, many happy and loving times ahead!