Monday, May 24, 2010


In just over 2 weeks, I will make the first of my 2 summer trips. This one is a business one, however, as I will be attending the SES Convention in Toronto, a SEO conference I've been really looking forward to for quite some time.

I will stay on in Toronto for a few days after the convention too, having managed to make arrangements for my sister to look after my son. It's a habit with me - I can't travel somewhere just for business. I NEED to explore too.

I'm assured by friends who have been that this is an incredible place to go and as such, I plan to explore. I will be bringing along a couple of employees who will be staying just for the duration of the convention. But on top of this, a great buddy, Craig (technically my cousin removed somewhere down the line) decided he's coming with me. A last minute decision for sure but he's never been there either. He won't be attending the convention. Instead he said he will spend the daytimes while I am off doing that stuff sniffing out the best places to go in the evenings. We're looking at catching some theatre, depending upon what's on and exploring some of the bars and clubs around.

I'm assured by my girlfriend, who spent a few weeks there a couple of years ago, that the Steam Whistle Brewery tour is a must do, as is a bicycle tour of Toronto Island. I'm also told Dundas Square is a must see, albeit a "love it or hate it," venue and I've been assured that if I go all that way and don't bring my girlfriend back some pictures of Casa Loma I'll be in trouble!! She would like to have come with us, but her job here in Manchester is proving somewhat demanding and as she only started it recently, it's not really great timing for her taking holidays :(

And the second trip.... in July I will be going to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. I have family there and it's a stunning little volcanic island. You can sit on the rocks at the cost of Santiago there and watch dolphins. It's also home to my favourite place in the world - Masca. Masca is a beautiful little village, only recently connected by road!! It's just like a time warp, going there.

My son will be coming with me to that one and so the itinery will very much have his input! As such, I can only say 'Heaven knows,' what we'll be doing there for 2 weeks!!

Bring on the summer :))

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