Saturday, May 15, 2010


Another poem I'm going to post. I write all the time and rarely share that much anymore so... I have decided that I'm going to change that.

So here's another:

I still beg the night time silence
To make my truth not true.
Still plead with unseen demons,
For a moment more with you.
I still find my eyes are not yet dry,
Still trying so hard not to cry
Still asking, quizzing, wondering why
Why was it you who had to die?

I still feel the pangs of agony,
Sometimes they strike, no warning.
Still find I wake up hoping it was
Just a dream each morning.

Still hear you when it’s quiet,
You echo through my mind,
Your voice still helps me gather
All the strength I need to find.

I still wish for one more minute,
To say these things stuck in my head,
The thoughts I couldn’t process
That got lost up there, unsaid.

But time is unforgiving,
So I take those thoughts and write,
And when the silence falls
I sometimes say them to the night
In the hope maybe you’ll hear me,
The voice within the black,
Crying, trying, begging,
For a way to bring you back.

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