Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Already?

Wow... June 2010.

I still remember June 2000.... even June 1990.

June was always so exciting, those last few weeks before you break up from school for the long summer holidays. The final few weeks were always packed with fun things like school trips and, more to the point, you were going to be going up a year in school after the summer holidays!

June, now that I'm (supposedly) all grown up is about the start of the summer and about preparing for my boy's long summer holiday from school.

He's terribly excited and counting down the days as he will get to spend a lot of time with me and he will be allowed to visit me in the office. He enjoys that. He loves to be in my office,sitting at my desk and playing boss. I love him being there. He brightens up the dull work day and is actually incredibly helpful.

The big excitement comes from our holiday to the Canary Islands at the end of July though. He's a little miserable that he cannot come to Toronto with me next week so I've promised him he can plan the itinery for our break in July. Cue a fairly unpredictable 2 weeks then!

Anyway folks... it's SUMMERRRRRR!!

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