Saturday, June 19, 2010


My son has been struggling to cope with the death of his Mother recently, with emotional outbursts at random times. We've been making a lot of time for talking and this morning he asked about my Father, who died when I was 5 (the same age at which my son lost his Mother).

He asked what I remember of my Dad and to see the few pictures I have. It seemed to help him to express himself better about his Mother. I was 24 when I lost my Mother, so was in a position where I had the emotional maturity to deal with it better than he can. So for me to put myself back in my five year old shoes I think allowed him to relate a little better and feel less like he's the only person to ever suffer this.

It helped a lot.

And as I'm thinking about it.... a song that makes me think of both of my parents....

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