Monday, June 28, 2010


For as long as I can remember, (ok since my Mother died) I have been of the school of thought that people shouldn't NEED other people. I had to make an exception when my son came into my life and within minutes of seeing his face for the first time I knew that I needed him in my life in order to maintain happy. But with family exceptions aside, I have maintanied, particularly romantically speaking, that nobody NEEDS anybody and that really we only ever want.

I'm rethinking this.

I spoke to a friend over the weekend who I have no spoken to properly in a while. I won't go into the wheres, whats and whys of it all, but suffice to say that the down feeling that seems to have haunted me for the past few weeks lifted. It's amazing what a bit of laughter can do for the soul, admittedly. But it was more than that. I feel like I'm in a whole different place today than where I was before speaking to that friend on Saturday.

Relief. Smiles. Laughter.

If you have to speak to someone in order to achieve happy, that's 'need' right?

And you know what? It doesn't piss me off or disappoint me that I need anyone. No man is an island... not even this one.

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