Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shit Stirrers...

After a bit of digging and a tip off from a buddy, I've recently found out that there's a possibility someone I actually thought of as a friend is behind the whole "plagiarism" issue I spoke about the other day.

Now, I said at the time I don't know whether this third party site set up copying Skylar's poetry was set up by Skylar herself or someone else. And I still don't know. I certainly won't lose any sleep whichever way. But after a wee bit of digging things seem to be pointing in the direction of someone I actually thought of as a friend... well... hmm... I say friend but I guess I mean "acquaintance." Either way, someone I got on ok with (despite an early hiccup because, shock, horror, I didn't want to cyber with her).

Anyway, I'm giving away too much info! LOL. But the point is that I have a real good (techincally based) indicator that this is the source of the problem and it got me thinking.... why oh why do people not have better things to do with their lives than to try and upset pixel people they know virtual worlds? I don't get it!

So for any other shit stirrers out there unaware of anything else you could possibly spend your time doing, here's a list:-

- Go for a walk. Remind yourself of the colour of the sky.
- Eat.
- Drink.
- Visit a family member.
- Tend to your children. Remember them??
- Knit a f***ing sweater
- Visit a museum
- Play boardgames
- Write a diary
- Do ANYTHING else.

I pity the people that pull this shit (though pity more their children). I mean, really? Is life ever so pointless that this is all there is to do?

Anyway... just a thought.

On a more positive note, I landed a MASSIVE contract in the business side of my life, largely thanks to my trip I made last week. Yay me!!!

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