Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Travels and Thoughts

So tomorrow morning, I will be heading off to the SES convention and will be away for a few days and off the blog. I'm excited. A new city, new things to see and much fun to be had.

My girlfriend and my best friend (and potentially his girl subject to her being able to get the flight, she's working on it right now) will be coming along for the ride and it's finally starting to feel like something I am excited about doing. What with my son not being on top form at the minute and a few other bits and pieces, visiting Toronto has been something I've been very nervously anticipating. But now I'm genuinely excited, looking forward to it and genuinely can't wait for some exploration time.

Chloe and I had a good long talk this evening before she went off to get packed up for the night. She's been having some stick with some friends who aren't keen on her lifestyle choice (ie a heterosexual relationship with a Father) and it's been making her feel a little uncomfortable. It seems we're all good though, as she told me;

"If they love me as much as they should, then they should just be happy to see me as happy as I am. I'm not giving this up."

And I'm not either.


So, have a great week and weekend, ladies and gents, and I will be back on Sunday!

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