Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drama and Bullshit

I made the decision while I was away that I wouldn’t be checking my personal emails, only my business ones. It’s a decision I am glad that I made as the second I do so, I am being informed left, right and centre about more drama being caused by a former Second Life fling.

I’m not a fan of naming names on blogs, to be honest. But here, I have to make an exception. Many of you will have heard me talk about Skylar Smythe, someone I met in the world of Second Life and had a brief online romance with during last year. I regularly tell people how awesome she is and, which is particularly relevant here, how talented a poet she is. However, things have been rather tense between us and we’re no longer in touch. She wants that (so she says) and so do I. Radio silence.

So imagine my surprise when, just before I left last week I got an email threatening to invent some pixel complaint to report me for “if I give her any shit.” Completely out of the blue – so I thought. But now it seems she is actually accusing me of plagiarising her poetry within her posts on and within the comments there too.

Now, let me say it again. I love most of Skylar’s work. I do not write erotic poetry. Never have. I have played no part in Skylar’s work. Anything on is her work and at no stage have I ever even attempted to make anyone believe it’s anything to do with me. Quite the opposite. Anything I publish is written by me - and if I publish anything written by someone else that's clearly marked.

It seems a third party site has been set up and is hosting a lot of Skylar’s poems, passing them off as originals of whoever it is that set the blog up. Now Skylar’s accusing me of setting this site up. She seems to think I have such a piss poor boring life with so little to do that I have time to go setting blogs up pretending to steal her poetry. Wtf?

I don’t know whether someone is actually plagiarising her work or whether it’s a site she’s set up herself as an opportunity to play the victim, to be honest. But I want to make crystal clear that it’s absolutely nothing to do with me.

Skylar has a nasty habit of spreading rumours and gossip about people – then standing up and preaching about how she never does that. Annoying to say the least. I know the way she’s spoken about her supposedly “close friends,” to me (and have emails from her complaining about said friends and saying some pretty harsh stuff). So I know exactly the kind of lies she will be spreading about me as we speak. Having been caught red handed lying about me to another friend several months ago, she was forced to admit telling “untruths,” about me and even though it was supposed to never happen again, it seems here we are and it’s happening again.
But for the record – her poetry is her work. I have had nothing to do with it. I don’t write erotica. End of story.


Dannah Bridger said...


She used to be a follower here, eh?
Drama queens love to be noticed. You've posted the truth (a good idea) and now you can relax and stop feeding the monster. Real life has 'mute' function, too.
You're a blessed man, spend your time on those that truly care.
BTW--hope you and Chloe had a great trip! Glad to have you back!

Josue Habana said...

Indeed she did.

I am very blessed. We had such an amazing time, thanks Dannah!!

Thank you :D

C xx said...

The people who know you know you never did this and never would. Dont worry *kiss*