Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I hadn't really thought about Father's Day this year. With so, so much going on it seemed almost irrelevant.

My son had other idea. Unknown to me, he's had stuff in the pipeline for a few weeks, adied by my Sister. So at 7am this morning, as he had already previously arranged, my sister came to my place with her little one and they quite silently prepared breakfast for me. They woke me just before 9... presenting me with a breakfast to die for and a few other bits and pieces.

My boy has been saving up his chores money and has bought me 2 tickets to see Santana in Manchester in October. Add to that the home made card, poem and football shirt and he's worked his little socks off to save.

He's been doing extra chores with my sister since the beginning of May too.

I'm feeling rather appreciated today and so incredibly proud of my son... as ever :)

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