Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Without You

If someone had told me before....
Before you walked out of my door
That you would never walk through it again,
Well, I'd have done things just the same.

I'd have kissed you on the cheek,
Bear hugged you till you laughed out loud,
Said, "chin up," and watched you leave,
Proud that you're my friend.

But nobody did tell me,
Nobody cared to share
That it would be the last time
I'd hug you.
The last time I'd say,
"Hey, you're amazing,
And things will be ok."
Nobody told me that it would be
The last opportunity I'd have
To tell you that you're
One of my favourite people.

Had you not been upset that day,
Had things panned out another way,
I might not have had the chance to say
The things I said that very day.

Had you been there upbeat,
Laughing, joking, mocking me...
I'd have done the same right back to you
Cos that's the sort of thing we'd do.

But you were down.
You needed me,
And I could see...
You needed me to say those things,
Those truths you'd so often
Struggled to believe about youself.

That you are amazing,
Intelligent, funny,

And now my world is darker without you.

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