Monday, November 22, 2010

One Broken Arm

I got a call this afternoon from my son’s school telling me he had been taken into hospital having endured a nasty fall while playing football. The result: one broken arm and a frown.

“Will it be fixed by Christmas, please?” he asked the Nurse after his tears had all dried.

“Well..maybe. But it might take 6 weeks so we can’t be sure?”

“Oh no.” He was down because in 4 weeks his cousins will arrive from the Canary Islands to spend Christmas with us. He wants to be able to go ice Skating and do all manner of other things but with his arm casted it’s unlikely.

Hearing about my little boy’s blues, Chloe finished work early and came home with cakes and coloured felt tip pens. She signed his cast in a bright blue pen, finished off with a little red smiley and encouraged him to get his friends at school to do the same thing.

He’s suddenly much chirpier and she and him have taken a little walk out to pick up Burritos while I finish one or two things I couldn’t do this afternoon.
Oh dear. Well, at least broken bones heal : )

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