Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If I Had a Magic Lamp...

If I Had a Magic Lamp

People say, “I wish,” a lot. We never expect that we might ever get the wishes but I think knowing exactly what you would wish for in the event that you suddenly miraculously had a magic lamp is actually a good way to analyse your desires.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this...

But anyway... I was having a conversation with my son about this very thing last night. I limited him to three wishes and he wished for:-

- His Mum

- To go back to the Canary Islands to see his cousins.

- A piano.

I was contemplating my own wishes this morning to and have come up with the following (in order):-

My Son’s Mother

If I could wish for anything I would bring her back and end his heart ache. An obvious choice.

My Mother

She missed so much. She never got to know her grandchildren, never got to see her own children settled. These are things she wanted so, so badly. I think about how much I’ve changed since she left and I think I’ve turned into a man she would have been proud of. I just wish I could get her opinion on that..

Happy Family

I want more than anything for the happiness my family is experiencing at the moment to remain. My cousin (and best friend) is to be married very soon, Chloe and myself will be getting married in May, my sister is getting married in August, my nephew is the happiest little toddler on the planet and my little boy is, in spite of some painful events, smiling and meaning it. I want this to stick.

Happy Friends : )

For the most part, my friends are all very happy now. I want that to continue. I’ve made amends with formers over recent months and with people I’ve had fall outs with over the years. There is now only one former partner I don’t speak to but across the board, without exception, whether I speak to them or not, I want all my formers to be happy. It makes the fact your relationships ended make sense. Like you had fun, you learnt your lessons and then you both moved on to happier things. I love to see my formers happy and settled. I take the lessons I have learnt from previous relationships and they mould me. Two amazing people aren’t necessarily amazing for each other... and some things just are not meant to be.

I have an exception to my “wanting to see everyone happy” rule though. One former friend who got my sister pregnant then f***ed off and decided to have nothing to do with the baby, well that to me is unforgiveable, and while I don’t wish anything bad on him, I certainly don’t think he deserves happy.

Ok, so I chose 4. But I reserve the right to modify the rules!! What about you lot? What do you wish for?

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Stacey said...

I would wish for Mum too and just for things otherwise to stay like they are.

Let's keep hold of that heppy feeling!