Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reasons to Smile

Today the sun is shining in Manchester. It’s bloody cold, granted. But the sky is blue. My little boy has gone off to school with his arm in a cast, armed with coloured pens that he will have his friends use to sign said cast. He’s feeling much chirpier.

Despite some drama last night (and a lot of lies from a former) I woke up feeling refreshed and good this morning. Chloe helps put things in perspective:

“Even if 100 people believe her lies, you can keep your head up knowing the truth.”

She has a point.

I tried to be friends with her. It failed. That’s fine. My conscience is clear and I simply intend to ignore any further correspondence. My issue is not in her wanting to not be friends. Everyone deals with formers differently. My issue is that she lied about it – claiming I was trying to get her back or something. I’m happily engaged. But my conscience remains clear.

On a much happier note, when I picked my son up from the hospital yesterday, I spoke to a teacher who was with him awaiting my arrival. She was saying how well he is doing at school, how much happier he seems these days and how much better he is dealing with his emotions etc. Society tends to believe that men shouldn’t express emotion publicly... that it’s EMO or that it’s just “unmanly.” And boys of even my son’s tender age pick up on that. In light of his loss and grief I have been trying to unteach those lessons. Anyone who genuinely believes men should not be able to publicly express emotion should not be parenting boys. It’s that simple. Chloe and I were aware of improvements in his general mood over recent months and it was great to get those reiterations from his teacher and the reassurance I sought that those improvements have carried over when he is at school too.

The first weekend in December will be an amazing one. I am taking my boy and my Fiancee to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. I’m incredibly excited about it. My son is almost wetting himself with excitement. He has the number of days to that and to Christmas marked down on his calendar.

And we have our wedding date set (after finally managing to find a date that works for everyone. 7th May 2011. We’ve decided on Cuba. We’re taking our close family and friends for a few days... then they will return home and we will honeymoon there. These are exciting times.

And my sister is getting married in the summer too. I will be giving her away and to the most amazing guy too.

#reasonstosmile I believe : )

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